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Windstruck [Jan. 30th, 2005|04:25 pm]
Asian comedy

[mood |awakeawake]
[music |"BK Love" - MC Sniper (Windstruck OST)]

Here's a poster of Windstruck starring Jang Hyuk & Jeon Ji-Hyun.


One of the funniest and the saddest Kmovies! You should definitely see it. They look great together. I can't wait to see more movies/dramas with both of them!

Jang Hyuk & Jeon Ji-HyunCollapse )

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Hello! [Jan. 24th, 2005|12:37 am]
Asian comedy

[mood |happyinterested]
[music |Jang Hyuk - Love Song]

Wow, this group is pretty cool. I looked at the info and it listed almost all K movies I have watched: Windstruck, Please Teach Me English, My Tutor Friend, and 100 Days With Mr. Arrogant. Haha. I love the korean romantic comedies. I started watching them a while ago and I'm hooked on them. They are awesome! Oh, I should add My Little Bride and Il Mare too. I really want to see that latest movie by Kwon Sang-woo. Dunno where to get it yet.
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(no subject) [Dec. 5th, 2004|11:14 am]
Asian comedy

[mood |determineddetermined]
[music |do as infinity - Sell]

ok surfing yesasia today and found a cute movie thought i'd share!!!!

description from yesasia.com

Korea's latest temptation put religion to the test and won at the box office securing the no. 1 spot of the movie charts that are normally reserved to international blockbusters like Spider-Man and Shrek.

Kyu-sik's (Kwon Sang-woo) ascendance to priest-hood could have worked out smoothly if not for his old pal Seon-dal who causes him to make a fateful mistake. As a result the two offenders are sent off to the church of a small village to get their thoughts on the right track. As luck would have it they run into lively Bong-hee (Ha Ji-won) who has just returned from the US to get to terms with her boyfriend. After the vibrant girl turns into the assistant of Kyu-sik, the life of the soon-to-be clergyman takes a 360 degree turn ...
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(no subject) [Oct. 3rd, 2004|12:07 pm]
Asian comedy

Found another movie today...sorry no pics this time.
It's calle Two Guys and it has cha tae hyun in it >.<

Korean comedian Cha Tae Hyun from My Sassy Girl teams up with Park Joong Hoon (Hwang San Bul) to show off extraordinary comedic flair in action comedy Two Guys.
Hoon (Cha Tae Hyun) works as a driver for people who for special reasons cannot drive themselves. As he has never made any efforts to repay his huge debts, debt collection agent Joon Tae (Park Joong Hoon) comes to him one day and threatens to take out Hoon's internal organs for sale if he does not settle the debt within 14 hours. Closely followed by Joon Tae, Hoon has no choice but to work as Joon Tae's partner. After driving for a drunk expatriate customer, they accidentally find the most advanced semiconductor made in South Korea. Trying to make big money with it, they suddenly discover that they are wanted by industrial spy agents and the national information bureau ...
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100 days........... [Sep. 23rd, 2004|04:21 pm]
Asian comedy

[mood |indescribableindescribable]
[music |hiro - Notice my mind]

Ok I was browsing Yesasia.com and I found a intresting looking movie...I wanna see it its got the chick from Phone in it

here is the discription off of yesasia as always

 Dumped by her boyfriend, high school girl Ha Young (Ha Ji-won) vents her anger by kicking a can on the street. But that aimless kick costs her 3 thousand won! Kim Jae-won from blockbuster TV series "Romance" and Ha Ji-won from smash hit TV drama "Da Mo" show off extraordinary comedic flair in "My Love Ssagajy : 100 Days with Mr. Arrogant"!



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Crazy first love [Sep. 8th, 2004|08:56 pm]
Asian comedy

[mood |indescribableindescribable]

OK just saw Crazy first love the movie is very different. So very funny parts. It reminded me of a lot of American comedies it's like a korean romance pushed together with a American movie that uses sexual hummour (like American pie or van wilder) anyway here is the discription of the film (this is just what the back of the box says)

The movie revolves around clever high school student Tae-il who is only interested in marrying his first love Il-mae. However, as much as he begs and argues, all his teacher and Il-mae's father urge him to do is get good results at his exams. Tae-il is really determined and finally manages to study law at the Seoul University. Yet, before he can blink Il-mae's father also requests him to pass his bar exam. And there 's one big problem this time, which is Il-mae would rather go out on dates with Tae-il than watch him pondering over his books …


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(no subject) [Aug. 28th, 2004|08:16 am]
Asian comedy

This comunity is no longer just for live-action asian comedy it is for all forms movies,anime,manga, and asian books. I hope this change is for the best.
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My sassy girl [Aug. 28th, 2004|07:25 am]
Asian comedy
[mood |thoughtfulthoughtful]
[music |Utada Hikaru - Moving on without you]

So as you all probaly already know hollywood is going to reamake My Sassy Girl. I just wanna know if you guys think good idea or bad idea. Me I think bad idea because there are so many cultural differences.Plus America hardly ever gets it right.
Thank you for your time
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my sassy girl [Aug. 22nd, 2004|12:29 pm]
Asian comedy

[mood |gigglygiggly]
[music |Ayumi hamasaki - Game]

ok was wacthing "my sassy girl" today and the part where they are talking bout that book I think it was called something like spring shower or something I wonder if that is like a real book like something you have to read when your in highschool in south korea like you know we gotta read the sun also rises ( or at least at my school all 11 graders do) I just thought that was funny.
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(no subject) [Aug. 17th, 2004|01:57 pm]
Asian comedy

[mood |dorkydorky]

ok here are some bases for some movies

2 please teach me english

2 leave it to the nurses 

2 crazy first love

6 my sassy girl

 1 too beautiful to lie

 1 my tutor friend




more hereCollapse )

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